CasinoJEFE review

CasinoJEFE general info

CasinoJEFE is a new casino which is an absolute must try for all online casino lovers. Providing player unique casino experience with several different features and promotions.

Welcome package

CasinoJEFE bannerPlayer will get 11 free spins upon registration to Netent video slot machine Spinata Grande. 1st deposit will give a player up to 300 free spins, 2nd deposit up to 500 free spins and 3rd up to 700 free spins. A player can claim up to 1500 free spins with the welcome bonus package.

Player levels determines how high player is on the awesome adventure. The higher the level gives better prices. Every time when a player reaches the next level he or she will be rewarded. Prizes are free spins, free cash, reload bonuses and other benefits like 15 minutes support guarantee, free withdrawals etc.

CasinoJEFE’s promotions

During the gameplay a player can follow three different progress bars. 1st is for player level, 2nd for CasinoJEFE bounties and 3rd one is for the jackpot wheel.

CasinoJEFE bounties are free spins bounties, every time when player fulfils the bounty meter they will get different amount of free spins to various games. This is very interesting feature and gives big chances for extra winnings. All free spins at CasinoJEFE are always wager free.

3rd meter which is a CasinoJEFE jackpot wheel can be triggered as well by completing the meter. Jackpot wheel is a speciality from which player can win additional free spins and one of the two jackpots. Smaller mini jackpot is worth 500€ and the second one is CasinoJEFE’s mega  jackpot worth 5000€.

By reaching the JEFE level 4 player will be granted 15 minutes support guarantee. This means that when players sends a support request and if its not replied within 15 minutes JEFE will credit 10€ of real money to the player.

CasinoJEFE mobile

Visit CasinoJEFE can be also played in Mobile or Tablet. The screen responses to any device meaning that you can login to CasinoJEFE with phone, tablet or a desktop and it will always work the same way.

CasinoJEFE is a Mexican wrestler cat, a free spins bounty hunter who’s name is Alfredo. Alfredo lives in a small JEFE village and absolutely loves free spins.

LuckyDino casino free spins and promotions

LuckyDino casino

luckydino casino 7 free spinsis one of the fastest growing online casinos at the moment. After the launch in 2014 the amount of new players has increased drastically and when looking the site its obvious. Very clean and easy to use casino where navigating and my account sections has been very user friendly. LuckyDino has games from Microgaming and Net Entertainment which provides the best and most attractive games in the industry and of course without forgetting the high volatile big win games and jackpots.

LuckyDino welcome package with free spins

LuckyDino offers a welcome package of 20 free spins upon registration. 100% up to 200€ first deposit bonus with 50 free spins and 50% up to 200€ deposit bonus + 50 free spins with the second deposit. All free spins are free of wagering. This means that whatever you will win from these free spins you can keep.

LuckyDino special casino campaigns. LuckyDino is well known of its special campaigns like risk free offers, spinoaurus, free spins marathon, free spins raffles on the site and on Facebook and reload bonuses. In general LuckyDino offers something for its players almost every day.

7 billion free spins, this was the very first LuckyDino welcome offer which is still running, the goal was to provide all the adults in the world with free spins, which would add up to 36 billion free spins. This has become very popular promotion amongst the players and spread widely amongst gamblers world wide.

The idea behind Spinosaurus is that when player deposits certain amount he or she will get free spins on the next day for the selected games. Free spins marathon is a promotion where player sees a progress meter on the qualified games, and by filling this meter it will give free spins, the best part of this promotion is that player can claim the progress meter over and over again.

LuckyDino offers regularly risk free promotions for its new players. Basically this means that if the player makes a deposit and loses the money, LuckyDino will credit the money back to players account without any wagering requirements. This is one of the best promotions in the industry at the moment and has made LuckyDino even more popular.


In general we can only recommend LuckyDino and it doesn’t have any weak spots. Customer service is great, promotions are the best in the industry and several free spins campaigns are run regularly. LuckyDino is meant for everyone who enjoys good casino and free spins action.

Mobile casino

Mobile casino

luckydino mobile casino previewDue to the fast development of mobile devices and tablets casinos have started to focus more on the mobile casino games. Basically this means that almost all online casinos have some sort of mobile version. The game selection is not as big as on desktop but its increasing all the time.

The casino games on mobile devices have exactly the same RTP % (Return to player percentage) as on the desktop version. It doesn’t really matter on which device you choose to play all the deposits, promotions and bonuses usually works on all devices, if not this is always stated separately on the campaign terms and conditions. Usually the limitation comes from the specific game in the promotion since the game selection is not as big as in desktop.

CasinoJEFE and LuckyDino provides full responsive design, this means that player can use the same address with all devices. The site and the games will always scale according to the screen size.

Payments with mobile casino

The most challenging part for the casino operators are the payments via mobile and especially smartphone devices. The best mobile casino operators always provides the same payment options when using mobile as when using a desktop. 1 important feature is that your latest methods are saved which makes the deposits much smoother for the next times.

In general, the mobile gambling has exploded during the past few years and everything indicates that it will grow in future as well. Game developers have started to make games even to smart watches, where the size of the screen will play a big part on functionality. So we can say that online gaming will move more and more towards mobile casinos.

The best mobile casino

Best mobile game providers are NetEnt, Microgaming and Williams gaming. Netent has launched a new platform for their games, which means that all the games they publish from now on will be launched to the mobile device as well and at the same time. Microgaming provides vast selection of mobile games and some of these games are really old but they have made a mobile casino versions of their best and newest games as well. Williams has made the best casino games and best mobile casino games for a while now. In general their game selection is a bit smaller than Netent and Micrgoaming, but they really compete with quality and all their games are very unique.

Welcome deposit bonus and best casino bonuses – earn real money!

Welcome deposit bonus and the best casino bonuses

Earn real money with casino bonusesWelcome deposit bonus offers varies a lot between different casinos, the best casino bonuses are usually deposit match bonuses for example 100% up to 100€, which means that if a player deposits 100€ they will get 200€ of bankroll. Deposit bonuses comes always with wagering requirements, like 50x the bonus amount. Make sure you read the promotion terms and conditions before claiming such bonus, some casinos put these wagering requirements to 50x with deposit+bonus, which actaully means that the total wagering requirement for the bonus amount is 100x. With these bonuses its almost impossible to win anything. Try to avoid all casinos who has more than 60x wagering requirement.

Best Casino Campaigns

1 key factor when selecting the best casino for you is the monthly campaigns. It might be hard to get information about these promotions before you have actually registered but by just looking the website you can see if the casino is new or old, some of the old casinos doesn’t give much promotions. New and fresh casinos have to compete much harder for their marketshare and this usually means much better promotions. Monthly promotions might be anything from deposit bonuses, free spins, competitions from where you can win prices like vacations, concert or sports event tickets etc.

Casino VIP programs

Best casinos always reward their loyal players so even if you like to play a lot just play on maximum 2 different casinos then you will get most of out from their loyalty schemes. When playing on several casinos they cannot detect how active you are and therefore there will a lot of benefits which you might be missing. You might think that these loyalty programs are only for high rollers. Since the whole industry has changed an casinos has to compete more about loyal players you might get into their VIP system quite easily. If you think you should be casino VIP player you can always contact support and ask what you need to do more in order to qualify. Best casinos usually have their own VIP section and VIP managers to take care of the loyal and high roller casino players.

Make sure you read the bonus terms and conditions to check which games are valid for the bonuses, usually the table games like roulette or black jack are not valid for the bonus money promotions.

Free spins and free money

What are free spins, casino bonuses and free money?

freespinsandmoneyThere is a lot of different online casinos which offer free spins, free money and casino bonuses nowadays. Consumer might get confused with all different welcome offers and wagering requirements. Competition is getting tougher every day which is of course a good thing since the casino promotions are getting better and better all the time. We have gathered some information and tips what to keep in mind when choosing your casino.

The return to player is much higher with online casinos than in traditional gaming halls or any government provided slot machines. Usually the return percentage with government operated gaming halls is somewhere around 80%-90%, when online slots can return up to 99%. This means that in average if a player wagers 100€ they will win 99€. Therefore the players have started searching more and more online games and casinos during the past years.

Free spins are currently the most used marketing method in order to get new players to register. Don’t let this the free spins offers fool you, since if you’re really looking for a good casino to play for a long time it’s better to look a bit deeper under the surface.

Free spins and wagering requirements

This is a nice gesture but its pretty hard to win anything from these spins. Almost all casinos have a wagering requirement on these free spins, which means that the winnings has to be turned over usually 35 or 50 times. This means that if the player for example wins 1€ from the free spins he or she needs to place bets for 35/50€ before the winnings can be withdrawn, some of the best casinos offer these free spins without any wagering requirements. We recommend LuckyDino Casino or CasinoJEFE where the free spins are always without any wagering requirements. With LuckyDino you get 20 free spins upon registration which can be played on 5 different slots. CasinoJEFE gives you 11 free spins to Netent videoslot Spinata Grande. During the free games player can see how many free spins there is left to play and after the spins has finished the game usually indicates that the spins from now on are charged from your real money balance. You can find more free spins offers here.

Free spin bonuses are always limited so that one offer can be only used once per IP address or household. Therefore if you want to recommend any casino to your family members or friends who might want to play their free spins from the same address make sure you contact the customer support and check that this is ok for the casino. Some casinos might require a verification of both accounts before any winnings can be withdrawn, but its always better to check to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Account verification

Account verification usually means that the player has to send pictures of his or hers ID (passport/national ID card), any bill which shows the players home address and the deposit method statement. For example if the player has made a deposit via bank transfer, in that case bank statement which shows the deposit transaction. Account verification usually takes few hours but once verified player doesn’t need to do it again. Government casinos have different of

By following the rules player can get good benefits and win real money without deposit from the casinos. Make sure that you follow these rules and have fun.

Veikkaus and sports betting

Sports betting, Svenska Spel and Veikkaussports betting and veikkaus

is a well known for almost all over the world. Other synonyms for Sports book are for example “betting, veikkaus” and more common words for betting are “wager or odds”

Sports betting and veikkaus

has been always in peoples interest and a way to have fun and get a little extra excitement with matches. Here is a bit more detailed explanation how sports betting works.

Lets start with the classical sportsbooks and betting kiosks everyone has seen around. These are always run with government betting and lottery operators but the thing common people usually don’t know that on all government ran games the “fee” or the “cut” is always a lot higher for example Finnish government ran sportsbook veikkaus or Swedish Svenska spel.

This is not a big thing or might not mean anything for a casual player but when we open this up a bit what it actually means, it might be an eye opener for quite many players.

Lets take an example tennis match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Lets imagine that both players are on equal shape and playing the Wimbledon tennis tournament final. Normal players might see this as a nice match to bet on and just run to a betting booth and place bets on whoever they might thing has a slight edge. The reality in fact is that the only edge here is on the bet provider.

Usually in these matches the odds are really precise since the game is so huge that there  is no margin, basically all the book makers in the world are having this match on their lists.

Government operator like veikkaus or svenska spel might have odds for example Federer R 1.85 – Nadal R 1.85. When you can find an online tips, odds, veikkausbooker who offers Federer R 1.95 – Nadal R 1.95.

Now whats wrong in these odds you might think? Both have same odds and your government betting company has only 0.1 lower, so what?

If you bet for example 100€ for Roger Federer and you win your total cash out will be 185€ from Veikkaus or Svenska Spel but if you make exactly the same bet with an online bookie you will actually with with 100€ bet 195€.

Now you might think its only 10€ difference. But if you’re a regular bettor, lets say you make similar bets twice a week. that would be total of 104 bets. Now if you always make similar bets for 1 year the difference is 10€+104 which makes total of 1040€/year.

The margins start playing bigger role when you place bets on more unknown events. When big events and matches are really followed the smaller ones are much harder for the bookies. For example if you place a bet on some country’s 2nd division football match the variance is much bigger. These odds are much harder to calculate due to the lack of information. There might be key players away from the squad which the bookies are not aware of. 1 Key player absence might affect on the estimated end result more than 5% so if you are on the map of some teams players you should always place bets on the lower division matches.